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  • Pay attention when installing the spring hose clamp
    2023 - 09 - 22 Pay attention when installing the spring hose clamp
    (1) The distance L between the snap ring and the end pipe should be well controlled. The control of L should be combined with the instruction manual. When the gap between the two pipe ends is the smallest, it is necessary to ensure that the snap ring just sticks to the inclined surface. (2) In the case of determining the position of the snap ring, the size of the gap between the two pipe ends should be determined through calculation according to the elongation of the pipe and the ambient temperature during construction. The size deviation should be guaranteed during construction. (3) Under the premise of a certain moving distance, the greater the error in the height and width of the weld seam welded by the snap ring and the end pipe, and the perpendicularity between the plane of the snap ring and the axis of the end pipe, the smaller the expansion and contraction of the joint, and the worse the use effect. (4) Splash impurities during the welding of the end pipe and snap ring affect the seal of the end pipe. Before installation, the welding slag on the sealing surface should be removed to ensure the sealing effect.


  • How to determine the standard of Heavy duty hose clamp
    2023 - 09 - 26 How to determine the standard of Heavy duty hose clamp
    How can we better determine the standard of the Heavy duty hose clamp? As the name suggests, the Heavy duty hose clamp is a kind of clamp with a strong fastener. Some engineering pipeline links must be firm, so when choosing a hose clamp, it must be fastened and strong. In some special environments, the material of the hose clamp is also very demanding. There are generally two kinds of strong throat clamps, which are called strong throat clamps, one is European-style strong throat clamps, and the other is tiger clip strong throat clamps. These two hose clamps are mainly used for steel wire pipes and black rubber pipes. On a hose with a relatively thick wall, if the strength cannot reach the fastening mark, then the hose clamp cannot meet the requirements. Hose clamp is a very heavy small part for every industry. An important linker for every production, every engineering pipeline. How can we judge whether the heavy duty hose clamp is qualified or not. First of all, we can see the uniformity and unevenness of the galvanized color on the surface at a glance. Secondly, it depends on the choice of materials, steel strips, screws and nuts. Generally, the belt of the heavy duty hose clamp is widened and thickened, and the screws and nuts are all national standard 8.8. This kind of screw will not slide or break under normal use. Steel belt, reinforced and thickened. The solder joints are enlarged to strengthen the solder joints, and they will never be desoldered. Only in this way can it be regarded as a qualified heavy duty hose clamp product. European-style heavy duty hose clamps are also made of stainless steel. The most used are stainless steel 201 hose clamps and stainless steel 304 hose clamps. The stainless steel hose clamp will not rust under a certain use environment. Compared with the 201 material and the 304 material, the 304 material has stronger corrosion resistance. The standard of a Heavy duty hose clamp must be strictly required, because although the hose clamp is cheap, its function is not child’s play, and it should not be taken for a short while, thus causing unnecessary large losses.


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